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Our egg donor program is run on the principle that we are here to serve both parties equally: We have the same level of responsibility to recipients and donors. Throughout the process, you will receive the same kind of individualized attention and clinical vigilance from our IVF coordinators and physicians as our recipient couples.

Thank you for your interest in donating your eggs at the AFMC. 

  • Naturally, if you receive a donor egg, the genes of the baby will be the combination of your husband’s genes and those of the women who donates the egg, even though you will carry the baby for nine months and deliver it. What are the psychological consequences of your carrying a baby that is genetically not your own? In fact how will the baby develop regarding personality., intelligence, character, emotional competence? This has been asked since 1983, when the first case was reported in Australia. 
  • We can say unequivocally that carrying that baby for nine months results in a solid, loving bond between the mother and the child, regardless of the genetic origin of the donated egg. Donor eggs never have led to any problems, in out experience. The fact that the child has been carried for nine months in the uterus results in solid bonding between mother and baby, regardless of the genetic origin of the egg, and this results in a child that is just like your own.
  • Most of the development of personality, character, intelligence, emotional security, and even athleticism begin with the parent in the first three years of life. The DNA is just the house the person lives in, but the person which that baby becomes develops in the earliest months and years of life. He or she is learning those first several years and their brain is developing faster than any other times in their lives. 
  • They BLANK personality develops independent of their DNA. The wives naturally understand this and no donor eggs are no problem after they think about it and the men have no issue because it is their sperm anyway. Of course everyone wants their child to have their DNA, nor a stranger, that is why we gave become so good at helping older women and women with very few eggs get pregnant with their own eggs, but in some cases the women is simply out of eggs completely. When that is the case, donor eggs are a very good (though at first strange seeming )options.
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