Miao Zhang

She has extensive IVF and laboratory research experience. She holds a Bachelor of Medical Degree from Fu-Dan University, Shanghai First Medical College, China, and obtained a Master Degree of Clinical Embryology at Monash University, Australia. 

Miao has worked in the healthcare field for over 20 years with experience in Embryology, Andrology, Cryogenics and Hematology. Her experience includes all procedures of IVF: ovum pick-up, oocyte grading, in-vitro insemination, ICSI, Embryo culture and grading, Embryo select for Transfer, Embryo Biopsy for PGS, Oocyte and Embryo Vitrification and Warming.

Miao has been certified as Embryology Laboratory Director (ELD) by the American Board of Bioanalysis (ABB).

People Say

Thank you so much Miao Zhang​ for all of your help and my family is now happiest. You are amazing !
Irvine, CA

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Name:Miao Zhang​​
Address: Irvine, CA
Phone: (949)521-7771


  • IVF
  • ovum pick-up
  • oocyte grading
  • in-vitro insemination
  • ICSI
  • Embryo culture and grading
  • Embryo select for Transfer
  • Embryo Biopsy for PGS
  • Oocyte and Embryo Vitrification and Warming

ABB        Embryology Laboratory Director

Categories: Fertility